Marketing plans

Guide Lines for Drafting a Marketing Plan.

What is a Business Marketing Plan?


A marketing plan is an outline for a company’s marketing strategies throughout the year.
A marketing plan, unlike your Business Plan, sets down the strategy the company will use to build on and the direction in which the company will grow and achieve it’s long term goals in Marketing their product.

Your Internet Business is like any other company in that planning and future strategies are essential for good company health and growth.

Some company’s may plan for 3 to 5 years depending on the type of market they are in.

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Tactical planning is more short term planning. The tactical plan takes the Strategic plan and breaks it down into short term goals. These short term goals and plans are usually implemented by department or company function.


Executives have a better understanding of the Corporate structure and how it works. Usually executives are geared toward strategic planning for the company.

Managers in the company know more of the day to day operations of the company and are responsible for tactical planning.

Executives are planning strategies for the future operation of their company’s while the managers are planning tactical operations for today.

Tactical planning is much more detailed and flexible because of the day to day operation of the company than strategic planning. Strategic planning is long term planning for the future.

According to, flexibility in the face of change is a necessary component of the ongoing tactical planning process.

In any company’s Tactical planning there has to be built in flexibility. Goals have to be readjusted or extended.

You cannot be to strict because of the business environment, weather, any number of things that can change on a moments notice.

This is a basic marketing plan for a typical small business from the Small Business Administration.

1.Description of the product or service, including special features

2.Marketing budget, including the advertising and promotional plan

3.Description of the business location, including advantages and disadvantages for marketing

4.Pricing strategy

5.Market Segmentation

The Small Business Administration is a government entity and like any government office,They Work For Us.

Use them. The Small Business Administration has Tons of information for business’s of all kinds.

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