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In 2012 The Retirement Confidence Survey estimated that a majority of workers felt that their savings and investments were less than $25,000 and did not know weather they would be able to retire or not.

This is an important survey in that it shows the majority of Baby Boomers interests in retirement are not what they have envisioned.

Baby Boomers are not going to be able to live on their savings and investments with out having to either keep working past retirement or find a part time job after retirement. I am trying to help out as best I can because I am retired and finding it difficult to manage on only my retirement.


Hi. Frank Atkinson here and I am a fellow Baby Boomer. You might say, What is A Baby Boomer? We are the Guy’s and Gal’s born between 1946 and 1964, and a lot of us are getting ready to retire. As a matter of fact there are about 10,000 boys and girls turning age 65 every day and about 6,500 of us Baby Boomers retiring every week.

We are DEFINITELY today’s MOVERS AND SHAKERS! Today we have to be self sufficient and at least work part time, just to make ends meet. There are no more company pensions, health insurance, and God For Bid this Lawless Administration is planning their attack on our beloved Social Security.

Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club

Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club


Can you Honestly believe this business of the President telling the country that our Social Security is NOT OUR MONEY???? If you did not know. Yes that is what he is saying. Our Social Security is a “TAX”. No way!! We all have paid into our Social Security and this money is ours. DOES NOT BELONG TO the DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS.


Democrat or Republican. Doesn’t matter. Baby Boomers are under attack. Medicare has been dealt a severe blow. 16 BILLION DOLLARS have been cut from Dr.s bills and Hospitals.

SO???? Hey. That translates to 16 BILLION DOLLARS in Medicare cuts. You think Dr’s are going to stand by and take a hit like that? “For every Action there is a Reaction”. CUTS!!!!! Medicare cuts!!

Boys and Girls. Do you remember when the Government started taking out for Medicare insurance?
Well let me refresh your memory.

Medicare is a national SOCIAL INSURANCE program. Not griping mind you. I for one am extremely glad for the program. The government started this program in 1966 to guarantee access to health care. They started the program, but we paid for it, and of course the government squandered it, like they have our Social Security. Now of course the government decided to squander 16 billion dollars more of our money.

Simply AMAZING how we EMPLOYEE these people and then we ALLOY them to tell us what to do.


What are Employment Opportunities? Lots of jobs and opportunities out there for Baby Boomers.
What employment opportunities do you think you qualify for?? If you have a degree in a certain field you could still do some consulting.

I am a master Electrician and have gone as high as I can in my field. I do some consulting and a little part time low voltage control work. But. Hey. I am retired. I didn’t retire so I could go back to work, 9 to 5, six days a week.

I didn’t OK this LAWLESS ADMINISTRATION to RUIN our economy. My savings and 401 K wiped out because of this administration mismanagement and their Zeal in Establishing permanent Democrat control.




What can you do for a few hours a week to supplement your retirement?

WOW!! Jobs! Hey. Denny’s is hiring. Burger King, Pizza Hut, Walmart, Family Dollar Store, Home Depot, Target. Bunches and bunches of jobs. These are Co’s advertising for Mature, Dependable people to fill these jobs.

Jobs for us. I like working at home and if you follow this link I can help you get started. NO! I am not offering a job. I am going to show you how you can be self sufficient working at home.

Now I know if you have been looking on the internet you have been introduced to Scams on line. I know. Been There Done That. And fellow Boomers all I want to do is introduce you to opportunities that could change your life. Look. Some of us are suited to working on the internet at home and some of us aren’t. This isn’t for every body and that is alright to.
Read this review of Wealthy Affiliate here and Google Wealthy Affiliate and see what is said. Click this link:—https://babyboomersinterests.com/my-review-of-wealthy-affiliate


This is an opportunity to earn extra money part time or full time. The best part of this training is that it doesn’t cost a dime to get started. You get to test drive the program for a whole week before you decide.

There are 2 professional websites you get, absolutely free and these are WordPress Sites. Some of the most sought after Websites on the market today. These are FREE, completely set up and Functional, just to look at the program.

Don’t worry you are not going to be put on a “Hard Sell” call every hour to sell you something, I GUARANTEE IT. We have several thousand people in the community that you have access to ask questions.

Check us out and get on live chat and ask the community what they think of the program. Be Bold. Ask if this is a scam. These people in this community are not bashful. They will be honest and let you know real quick what they think of this program. Check us out here. 10,000 people can not be wrong.

You will have a week of free training, 10 starter lessons, 2 free websites, and tons and tons of people to lead you by the hand, and guide you through the program.

I will be there to answer any questions you have and to help you along as well as Kyle, Carson, and the community. If you don’t like the program, no big deal. Drop out, but keep the 2 free WordPress websites, with our compliments. Remember this. We believe in a free test drive before we decide anything, and want free programs when ever possible.

Follow this link. https://babyboomersinterests.com/getting-started

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the program and if I was able to explain enough in my website blogs.

Best of wishes to my fellow Baby Boomers.

Happy Trails Ya’ll

Drop by for a visit any time………….Frank

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  1. Frank

    Hello Frank. I am already a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate. When I started I knew nothing about internet marketing or even the basics of creating a website. I just would like to tell your viewers that I support what you have said about this program. I too have looked at many scams on the internet and have managed to stay clear of them. One of the best things I liked before ever joining was the ability to check them out for a week to see if they were going to do what they said. I believe they have given me my moneys worth and more. I never dreamed I would be able to build a website or create content for that website and I know that I could not have done so without the help I have received. Robin.

    1. Frank Atkinson Post author

      Thanks so much for the visit Robin. I stress in my blogs to check out Wealthy Affiliate before ever spending a dime on this program. I want everyone to be satisfied that they are getting quality training and a fine community to back them up with. I am still a “Babe in the Woods” when it comes to internet marketing. Still learning and have a ways to go. I don’t think you ever stop learning in this business. Enjoy Wealthy Affiliate. To Your Success……….Frank


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