Baby Boomers Getting Started Online

How about  Baby Boomers Interests in getting started on line?. Have you ever wanted to start an online business but didn’t know how. May be you are computer savvy but you have been scammed so many times you just about gave up? Believe me brother, Been There, Done That.

Frank here enjoying our family reunion in Blanco Texas

Frank here enjoying our family reunion in Blanco Texas

Lots of time and lots of money later, I Know! This is Frank Atkinson and I am building this Website in hopes I can help out some of my fellow Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers Interests in Health Care, Retiring, Vacations, Extra Income are having it tough in This Administrations Failures. Can we even Retire??? Man I need a little extra income to help take the bite out of this Failed Economy.

Professional, Educated, Dedicated Men and Women

Can I help you out? Absolutely!! Trying to get something started on line can be a hassle and a big headache and I have gotten real tired of listening to these Guru’s tell me “Push button success”, Just buy my program and I’ll make you 500.00 a day—-Blah—Blah—Blah. “This program only costs 30.00 and it will generate a thousand traffic hits to your site a day.” WoW!! NOTTTTTT! Never happen, Google doesn’t like that and will shut you down in a heart beat.

I Want to Help My Fellow Baby Boomers Start an Online Business The Right Way!!

Fellow Boomers. I have been through being scammed so many times I fee like my middle name is Scammed!! The vast number of Products and Scams out there is simply OVER WHELMING. Not on the site. Only products and services that are FREE, or can be tried out before paying are recommended. Thank of it this way. Go into Circuit City, Walmart, or a computer store. They let you take that computer or, Mac, or TV for a test drive don’t they. Well? Try it out before you buy it, right? Hey, that is what we do here at Don’t spend a dime. Try it out to see if you want to stay, and CHECK US OUT. Google Wealthy Affiliate. Check out our Creds. There are ten thousand members in the community to ask questions from, as well as Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

You Keep working Hard, But Internet Success is Still Elusive

Let me ask a question. From me, Frank, to you. What do you think is keeping you from being successful on line? Fear of failure? Don’t want to make a mistake? New things and ideas kind of scare you? What?? I would really like to know so I can help my fellow Baby Boomers on this website. Leave a comment below telling me why you think you haven’t had success on line.

May be you have been scammed so many times and promised the moon so many times that you just haven’t been able to find that right something, or some one to get you started on the right tract.

Today I want you to get your Batteries Recharged and forget about the past. Today is a New Day. I want to help get you out of your Funk and get you to some training from some Educated, ETHICAL business men and women.


With the Wealthy Affiliate community no question goes unanswered. Kyle, Carson, and the thousands of members in the community will take you by the hand and lead you step by step to SUCCESS!

Check out this short discussion with statistics about Baby Boomers retiring.  Click this link and follow.

OK. Show Me The Success!

This is my story. I have struggled and worked hard to get started online. One thing I found out was I can’t do it alone. I needed help. Ginny, my wife, helped get me to know how to turn on my computer and start to navigate and down load and several other things. But online business was out of her realm. Getting stuck on something and not knowing how to fix it is frustrating as all get out. No one to turn to.

1—Help is here. Kyle, Carson, and thousands of members in the community.

2—They all have websites.

If you want to do business online, you need a website. If you don’t have a website you won’t be in business very long.

Yea, you say. Just how much is this going to cost? I heard it takes a lot of money for someone to build a website for you.

Remember what I said previously about we like things FREE or try before you buy, right?


Here it is, FREE, and I’ll have you up and running with your own website in just a few minutes. Not days or weeks, just a few minutes, and NO COST to you.

3—Keep Learning and Practice What You Have Learned. We take you by the hand and start teaching every thing you need to know to be a success online. They guide you through your training with a helping hand

With support and guidance comes self motivation and enthusiasm. A combo that can’t be beat. Before long with training and support the more you do will come naturally, automatic, like second nature. But you have to be taught, and you have to learn, and you have to be consistent. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a Business.

Get Started With NO MONEY Out Of Pocket

Remember? We like things FREE, or a FREE Trial, right? Hear we go.

1. Starting a Business from scratch

2. To start a business and make it a success you need help, need a website and professional training and support.

What do you get when you sign up for 0 dollars? This is what I call Amazing!

Personal Help & Support Will be able to get personal help from me (Frank) Help from a community of members in the thousands. Hey, We even have Live Chat Support. We have a continuous discussion board, even all hours of the day or night. Training, right at your finger tips. Videos, Tutorials, Courses, and Entire Class rooms.

I cannot believe the quantity and the quality of this program and training. All this for $0. This is nuts. How can they do this? No where on the Internet can you find a training program so jam packed with so much training and support.

You test drive this program and training and get 2 free websites, ready to make money completely set up and functional. Doesn’t cost a dime. Choose the Starter package option below and get access to the Wealthy Affiliate community after you sign up. No obligation to take this test drive.

Here is an unbiased review From jmaurice, one of our members here at Wealthy Affiliate.

“This is more of a testimonial on my feelings for WA, I must say that in my short time with WA I feel wholeheartedly in this university.

And the main course instructors Kyle and Carson, I have the utmost confidence and appreciation in their way of simplifying the courses, and seeing immediately how this process will make you a professional affiliate marketer.

And the members that make up the WA community Is giving 24 hrs of meaningful feedback. If one commits to this program, I see them being successful in this journey.

This is why I refer and direct my visitors to their courses and why I easily became an affiliate of WA and encourage any beginner or new member to do the same”

Frank’s Review of Wealthy Affiliate:—

Well. OK. I guess my review would be a little Biased.

But you know what?  I am 68 years old and been run around the Mulberry Bush so many times it isn’t even funny.  I have had so many scams thrown at me in my life time that I very rarely ever trust 100% what people tell me.

Trust, but Verify.  Check out every thing.  Don’t trust just what I say.  Check it out.  Get over here on line with the Wealthy Affiliate community and ask questions.  Is this a scam?  Do Kyle and Carson do what they say they will do?  Does this training program really teach you how to be in business on line?

This is my review.  I hope all of you get over to Wealthy and start looking around.  I look forward to seeing you on line.
Check out this link for another review: An unbiased review.

Here is a refreshing review you might like. This is written by “Anewcreature”

After years and not months, getting involved in various things online to make an income Wealthy Affiliate has impressed me to the fullest.  I say this with all sincerity because deep in my heart just seeing and knowing other folks were succeeding, I knew I just had to keep searching.  So back and forth I would find myself online tyng a few things which was merely at random and were not systematic at all.  As perhaps with yourself this frustrate you as well as sometime cause plenty of exhaustion.

But here I am years later and walked into something where as i have ascertained more credible skills and knowledge of how to make  money online.

Check out “Anewcreature” rest of the story here by clicking this link.

OK  guys! ” Take the Bull by the horns”, and sign up for the STARTER PACKAGE.

Remember Free?  A full seven days of training and personal advise and on line chats with

experienced marketers.  Two Free websites ready to put on line.

TEST DRIVE FREE.  This will not cost you a dime.  Read the chart above and study it and your 7 days of Free training.

Sign up now and start that NEW CARRIER today.
Follow this and let’s get started in your very own Internet Business:


To All My Fellow Baby Boomers

Happy Trails and Good Adventures

To Your Great Success

Email Any Time at:————Frank

6 thoughts on “GETTING STARTED

  1. Neil

    Hi, Frank

    You’ve done an excellent job here! Great blog, clean looking and plenty of good quality content too, so job well done!

    It’s also awesome to see that you’re still building an online business after being scammed because I’ve also been there too and I guess it makes us stronger individuals.

    Getting started online is a daunting task for so many people, but after reading your post I’m sure many people will follow your recommendation and join the Wealthy Affiliate 🙂


    1. Frank Atkinson Post author

      Your are right Neil. After being scammed so many times I have become more cautious. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I am going to try to respond sooner. I am still trying to build my online business and may take a while. Thanks for visiting Neil. To Your Success……….Frank

  2. Russell Stewart

    This is a terrific website Frank and one I can easily relate to. I love the way you engage visitors like me and your genuine way of getting your message across.

    I’ll be back for more!

    Well done, love the info here!



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