According to Merrill Lynch a vast number of Baby Boomers plan to keep working after retirement. Boomers plan to mix pleasure with work.

Mobile and ready

Today’s retiring folks aren’t going to be what is called traditional retirees. There isn’t going to be, sitting around being bored to tears resenting being retired. Not on your life! To day, we Boomers are outwardly mobile and on the go.

We intend to reinvent retirement

James P. Gorman with Merrill Lynch Global said, “With (baby) boomers living longer and remaining engaged and employed beyond age 65, many of the traditional financial assumptions regarding retirement need to be reexamined.”

Remaining engaged meaning “To involve oneself or become occupied.” Hey, I think most of us Boomers are engaged and we will be until we just can’t go any more. Look at our engagement so for. Politics? Work? Leisure? We aren’t sitting around doing nothing.

Boomers Living Longer

I like Living Longer. They say we have 7 plus years added to our life, and living into our 90’s is very possible My aunt Nettie celebrates her 97th birthday on October 11th, 2014. She is spry and looking good. One of her friends she often visits is 100 years young and Still Driving a car.

New Careers and Employment

Being employed beyond age 65 is very common with our fellow Baby Boomers. But you know what? A lot of us are looking for a new carrier and we don’t have to work. We work to keep our selves busy and our minds active. I work for my self and take my training from Wealthy Affiliate, the best Internet Marketing University on the Internet.

Going Fishing

I, like, a lot of Boomers trade off work and my leisure time. Hey! That extra income comes in handy, but, I Am Retired and Love it. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Get my fishing gear and head to the Coast. Could go to any number of World Class fresh water fishing lakes Here in Texas.

Or, takes about 5 hours to get to the Oklahoma boarder and the Winstar World Casino Hotel. Unfortunately I live in central Texas and it takes 5 to 7 hours to get to any one of our boarders.

Yeah! We are big and it does take a little while to get out of Texas if your are driving.

Re-inventing Retirement?

James P. Gorman and the survey say Boomers are Reinventing Retirement. Yes, we are. With about 70 to 80 million of us coming on line we are definitely changing things. The Gimmee Generation should be dancing in the streets. Look at the job openings coming up!

The survey says that Boomers are retiring at around 64 and like I said above, they are going right into another job or career. They jump between work and leisure say about 42% surveyed.

Surprisingly, only 17%, surveyed say they hope to never work for pay again.

Women Retiring

Baby Boomer women to day have a better education, they are more independent. The women today are not the traditional stay at home mom. Boomer women have been in corporate leadership, heavily in the work force and are ready to get out more and be on their own, and are more savvy financially than any generation in history.

Where to Retire

The Boomers today are movers and shakers and the places they choose to retire reflect it. One place is right here in Texas where cost of living is far below national average and housing is around national average. No INCOME TAXES! And Austin Texas is The Music Capital of the world. Try retiring on the Texas Coast.


Every thing is Big in Texas. Texas coast line stretches about 367 miles as the crow flys that makes up the northwestern edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Man. Talk about Big. Texas coast stretches from South Padre Island & the Rio Grand Valley, all the way to Beaumont & the Louisiana border.

Along with 367 miles of the Gulf there are over 3,300 miles of shore line along its islands, bays and river mouths.

Open Beaches

You know what the best part is? Texas is the ONLY STATE IN THE NATION THAT HAS OPEN BEACHES ACT. Beaches can be privately owned, but are subject to the public beach easement, allowing the public FREE UNRESTRICTED access to and use of the beach.

Listen guy’s. Before you decide on a place to retire do some research. Try this link for the Texas Coast Line and drop me a line here at:, or look me up on my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate at:

I know. I know. I am kinda big on Texas. I was born and raised in Austin, and I can’t help it, I am a little biased. But, never the less, check us out, We would love to have you.

I hope you have a successful retirement, and enjoy every minute of it……………….Frank

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