What would I have to do to sell jewelry online? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?


Jewelery is something I, (Frank), know something about, and my wife, (Ginny) knows quite a lot about. Ginny got acquainted with jewelry design and making in collage in the late 60’s “don’t dare ask me her age”, and she has been making, buying and selling it ever since.

Vintage pieces from the past.

Vintage pieces from the past.


Ginny and I had gotten interested in Auctions about 25 years ago and working for several different

Auctioneers I was able to take my test and was given my Texas Auctioneers license.

Western Antiques are Prized at Auctions

Western Antiques are Prized at Auctions

We have dealt in a lot of different merchandise. Bought and sold a lot of vintage and antique jewelry, furniture, cars, trucks. Believe it or not, at one of my Auctions we sold a Gold Fish. Now that was an odd one. Along with Parrots, Chickens, Ducks and furniture, I think I have sold just about everything, except I haven’t had any red wigglers come across the Auction Block as yet. Don’t be to hasty now. You never know.

Getting ready for a Texas Twist and a Twirl at the Ho-Down Saturday Night

Getting ready for a Texas Twist and a Twirl at the Ho-Down Saturday Night


Well. Let’s see. In the United States Of America we have a population estimated at 966,139,408. Those of us doing something online is estimated at about 602,293,593. How about the rest of the world? That figure is estimated at 2,200,185,341. “Gee Willikers Andy”. I Mean, Brother. Is there Room? What can I say? You do the math. Even 1 1/10th of 1% is a heck of a lot. Yah, there is plenty of room on the internet. Ebay’s estimated worth is somewhere around 70 Billion, BBBB Billion Dollars. You have to understand. Buying online is increasing daily. I don’t think it will ever get saturated.


Baby Boomers retiring soon. Moms at home wanting to make a little extra income. Dads wanting to tell their Boss, “You Are Fired”. Learning how to start a home based internet business could be just the ticket for you. I know, I know. This kind of business isn’t for every body. But hey. If you just a residual income to help your retirement, or your present job, that would be well worth the effort.



Ginny and I have sold jewelry in our own Auction house, Garage sales, Estate Sales, sold on Ebay, on Line, and had our own online Auction.
We are both retired now and want to slow down a little bit. I still want to supplimeant our income with Internet marketing, so I got Ginny to teach me a little about the computer.


You see, in my time, growing up as a Baby Boomer I didn’t know what a computer was. Ginny was working for Travis County. At that time they were using punch cards to feed into this Hugh Bank of machines.


These old machines took up a lot of space

These old machines took up a lot of space

I told Ginny then, I couldn’t understand why anyone would sit there and punch a bunch of holes in a piece of card board and put it in a machine to tell a machine what to do! Why don’t you just type out what you want. Seemed to me a big wast of time. Of course, I see where that went.
I started to learn some things about the computer a few years ago, but I am still a “babe in the woods” when it comes to the machines and the Internet.


This is one thing you really have to watch out for. Scams. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Internet Marketing courses that were supposed to teach me how to make money on the Internet. Talk about being scammed, brother, I have had my share.
I suppose in my interest to learn Internet Marketing I was pretty Gullible, and naïve. Expensive lesson. But I was sold on the Internet. With 2 billion people on the internet I just had to take a shot.


Today I am trying to help people that are interested in Internet Marketing and want to learn the right way to get into selling online. And NOT get cheated. If you are like me you have learned over time that “all is not what it seems.” Now you can struggle along and learn how to get on Ebay, or become an Amazon Affiliate to sell your items online. If you don’t have a teacher to guide you through setting up accounts, and even getting your own website set up, then you are in for a long arduous journey.


Well, like me, you have to learn some where and from some one. I wasn’t born with a computer in the house. I went to school with my Big Chief tablet and a #2 lead pensil. Everything had to be in long hand, and we had to show our work. Especially in math. Didn’t show your work, you got marked down.
Don’t even think about taking a calculator in that class room.

At around 5 or 6 years old today these kids know more about computers than I do. It is just like they were born already programmed to operate a computer.

You hear a lot of people talking about selling online. Some of them are even talking about making big money in online marketing. WOW! Sounds great right? But where do you go to get started selling things online?


There are lots and lots of businesses that teach Internet Marketing. You have to be care full of the scamers out there.
The old adage, “Trust but verify,” holds true here. Check every thing out. Read reviews, Google the company name and find out what Google has to say about the business. No matter what they say, don’t be pressured into buying anything, until you have checked their creds (credentials).


If you are just getting started, or an experienced marketer you need a website and a hosting company to get started learning about Internet marketing.
I work with Wealthy Affiliate. I KNOW! Hear comes the sales pitch.
Not from me Brother. I believe in free and test driving before buying.


I am not going to sell you on Wealthy Affiliate, because Wealthy Affiliate sells itself. When I say test it out before you buy it, I mean you are going to get introduced to one week of super training and access to our community of thousands of members.
Believe me you can pose any question to the community you want. Hey, be honest and ask them if this is a scam, and ask if Premium is worth it. There are over 10,000 members here and they are not going to lie to you. There is nothing to gain. These are honest hard working people that are after the same things you are.


We use WordPress for our websites. They are known nation wide with over 76million downloads.
Take Wealthy Affiliate on a one week test drive, “On their dime.” No cost to you at all. You are going to get 1 week of some of the finest training on the market today, for FREE. If you do not want to stay with us after that week, it is OK. You keep two, fully functional WordPress Websites absolutely free. These two Websites are ready to put on line and start making money with. All you have to do is customize the sites and get a hosting company and start blogging.


Start checking out Wealthy Affiliate here. Follow this link for one of my reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, and then take a look at this review. Then get on line and check them out. Ask questions in the forum.
Do you know what the good thing here is, when you join you have access to thousands of people on line willing to help.“FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION”

Learn how to properly set up an online business with Wealthy Affiliate and it’s community guiding you every step of the way. They can tell you the right way to sell jewelry on line, or sell anything on line.
Check us out and let me know what you think of the program and email me if you have any questions or you can reach me at my profile page here.

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