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Are we being scammed with this product?

Read my unbiased opinion of PROFIT CANVAS


Website: www.profitcanvas.com

Price: Lite: $39.95 Pro: 49.00 Standard: 44.95 Until end of promo, then price is a monthly fee.

Owners: Mike from Main and Brett Rutecky

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


Product Canvas is billed as a complete money making system. All the software and training you need to build your internet business.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1Vast amounts of training

PRO #2Complete software package

PRO #3Great starter price for the different levels

PRO #4Getting ranked with review sites.

The Bad:

CON #1Webinar software is poor quality.

CON #2Plug in’s aren’t very good

CON #3Support is said to be “Effective Response”


Profit Canvas is Recommended for all levels.
From beginner to pro.

PROFIT CANVAS Tools & Training

1. Complete training
2. 4 plugins to rename and sell
3. Every thing for one small investment
4. No recurring fees
5. Lots of training
6. 30 day money back guarantee

1. No forums
2. Cannot see any personal support
3. Not a community that I can see
4. Not sure if the owners support it or not
5. Support is said to be “Effective Response”

Front End: $27 – $47 Lite and Pro Packages


OTO (one time offer)

OTO 1: $67 Developers rights plus extra Templates
OTO 2: $97 – $147 – $197 White Label Agency Resellers Access
OTO 3: $47 4 – week live mastermind with Mike and Brett


My Final Opinion of PROFIT CANVAS

They make it sound so easy to make money on line. Buy my software and drag and paste and start making money.
Profit Canvas is an all-inclusive software program that has all the tools and training you will need to be successful in your own Internet business. Every thing is done for you.

Here at Profit Canvas you can copy Mike and Brett’s results.
I don’t know. They tell us you don’t have to have an email list, no products, no website and no hosting.

I guess this is all built in. But what about TRAFFIC? Gotta have Traffic.
May be the program doesn’t have to have an email list to start, but you are going to have to generate some kind of traffic and start building an email list to build your list to sell to.

    1. Is Profit Canvas going to furnish you a list?
    2.   Are they going to teach you how to build a list or just say go here and go there and start building a list.
    3. Who manages and stores your list and information for the campaigns you start?No Traffic no Sales. You have got to get people to want to come to your website or there is no one to sell to.

PROFIT CANVAS at a Glance…

Their website looks great.  Lots of color and lots of excitement in their sales page.  But if this system is so easy and makes so much money, why are they giving it away?

Just asking.  I guess I am a little curious.

In my opinion, Profit Canvas is another of hundreds of programs out there trying to sell you their software programs to make you money on line.

I believe a lot of their software is good and usable and there is some training to go along with it.
There is no forum or community to turn to to interact with and gain support and real time help when you need it.

I do think you can make money with their products, but they are not telling you about any traffic. And there is, I think, the catch in the whole system. There are Millions of Buyers out there, and there are Millions of Sellers. How do you put them together?

I have to say that the training programs I am taking now is a much better system to go with.
Why? Because. Wealthy Affiliate takes you by the hand and starts training you as if you knew nothing about the internet at all.

The training here will give you the knowledge to build you an Internet Business that will last a life time and not just for a fleeting moment.

1. The great thing about this program is that Wealthy Affiliate is not selling you a product, this is a teaching program and it is always being updated. They aren’t teaching old out dated technologies and software.

2. There is a community of thousands to seek any help or advice from. You get involved with people that are doing the same thing you are doing and are more than happy to help.  Not just to help but also you make new friends here because these people are doing the same thing you are,  wanting to learn how to build an online business.

3. Test drive before you buy. You get one full week of training free. No out of pocket expense and you use the system and interact with the community. Ask any questions you like and Kyle and Carson(owners) are out there to answer questions as well.

4. For test driving the system for one week Wealthy Affiliate is going to give you two Free WordPress Websites.  Already to start blogging on.

They are all set up and ready to put on the internet. All this is Free. No cost to use for a week while you test drive the Best Training Program in the industry.

If you decide not to join, no problem, keep the two websites as our gift to you for test driving the program.

These guys are selling KNOWLEDGE –  not a product.  Kyle and Carson are teaching us to build a solid foundation for our online business from the ground up.  And they will be there all through the training and after you start making money they and the community will still be there for support and guidance.


Website: www.profitcanvas.com

Owners: Brett and Mike

Price: $37–$67 plus OTO’s

Overall Scam Rank:20 out of 100


My Verdict would be LEGIT. This program gives a lot of value in it’s software and training.
I don’t think that it teaches enough about traffic and the need for lots of traffic.

This program I don’t think will give you a sound foundation to build your Own On Line Business as well as Wealthy Affiliate will.

The program I recommend will teach you and arm you with the knowledge and foundation you have to have to build any business.

The training here will not be over night. This training will take time to learn and put into practice. In the training you build your own websites and learn to review products, find your niche, build out your websites and gain stature within the Google community.

These are some exciting times and some very exciting training coming your way.
Follow this link to my review of Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for a one week FREE, yea, FREE Training course and an additional FREE 2 ready to use websites from Word Press. You can start blogging today! Will not cost you a dime. Just sign up and take a test drive and let us know what you think of our training at Wealthy Affiliate University. FOLLOW THIS LINK NOW!

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Drop me a line any time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a Great and Prosperous day………….Frank




Name: Profit Clicking

Website: ProfitClicking.com(Now is called Ad Click Xpress(ACX) for short)

Price: $3.00 starter add. Other costs associated here are revealed upon sign up in their program.


ACX is owned by an International Holding co. (but doesn’t say who they are) and lead by qualified online marketing specialists with over 80 years of experience. But they don’t say who any of these people are. I am sure they tell you something after you sign up.

Product Overview:

Ad Click Xpress (ACX)–formerly ProfitClicking—Is an online advertising company. ACX offers services and products to Business Advertisers.

Providing inexpensive, effective advertising solutions to small businesses and individual clients since their Launch in June 2013.

Member Affiliate

ACX’S member affiliate program is effective for providing Business Advertisers more value. The members are given the opportunity to earn very generous daily commissions by viewing Business Advertisers’ websites on the ACX Traffic exchange.

This Co. is touting membership in the Millions Worldwide. With these Millions, Business Advertisers can expect a steady stream of visitors to their websites.

This has been a short overview of Ad Click Xpress (formerly ProfitClicking)

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

PRO# 1: Generous daily commissions are a great incentive and a steady income.

PRO# 2: To get daily commissions it sounds like you have to view fellow Businesses websites.

PRO# 3: Very good part time Home Business with a passive income as well.

PRO# 4: Inexpensive way to advertise your websites and businesses on line.

The Bad:

CON# 1: Con # 1 is very interesting. I started out reviewing ProfitClicking.com, but when I

entered that URL I was directed to Ad Click Xpress. AdClickXpress.com launched in

June 2013. So I Google ProfitClicking Reviews and “boy” did I get an ear full.

CON# 2: Hidden costs you don’t know anything about until you sign up to the program

to find out all the costs involved.  Some of the people are filing complaints

because of large commissions that aren’t getting paid.

CON# 3: ProfitClicking is under investigation and it looks like to me all they did was change their

name to AdClickXpress(ACX) and kept doing business.
CON# 4: All of these managers and up line people are out of country and cannot be held

accountable if a problem comes up. To me this sounds like a Ponzi Scheme.

Who is AdClickXpress (ACX) for?

This is an online advertising service. Targeted mainly to Website and Business owners looking

for inexpensive advertising, and also a way they can generate some income. You have to pay for

advertising but you can participate in an Affiliate program and earn commissions.

ACX Tools and Training.

There doesn’t appear to be any training. You have to go to your managers or ACX Help menu.

ACX Support:

There appears to be support some where. I couldn’t tell because the company said their
managers and staff are spread out all over the world, so I couldn’t determine where they might be.

ACX Price?

Hard to tell. They talk about $3.00 starter adds. Then tell about $10.00 for 600 adds and then it seemed like there were more costs down the line but I couldn’t tell what they were or how much. Some of the reviews on Google were telling of being invested from $1600.00 to around $4000.00. So I don’t know.

My Final Opinion of AdClickXpress(formerly ProfitClicking.com)

I am very Leary of getting involved with a company that is so secretive that they won’t tell you

what your up front costs are and if, or how much, there are costs after you get started.
So far ACX in their up front advertising will not tell you any names of their Holding Co. or any

CEO’s, Managers or supervisors.

My Verdict:

I would have to give a verdict of NO. At this time I would not risk any money or time with this company.

If you are sincerely looking to find a reputable co. to learn and grow with I would look at

Wealthy Affiliate. This will cost you about: 5 minutes of your time and not One Red Cent out of

your pocket. These people will teach you anything you need to know to get on line and start

making money.

Contact me here and let me know what you think and if you have any questions don’t hesitate

to ask me. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/macey321

I hope this review helped and gave you enough information about this company called


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